Monday, June 20, 2011


Boys gets mesmerised by the Bad gals!! is that true!!! ??

lets check it out !!
This story is about a gal appy!! the Bitch!!  :)

a beautiful girl, grown up in Kerela!! , after completing her graduation , comes to Bangalore (the Pub city ),
After struggling for the job, got placed in One of the reputed software Company,  as a software Engineer, Boys gets flattered by her beauty , every next guy wants her friendship, by getting all the attention of the innocent and stupid boys, her life seems to be easy ,
when a gal knows , she has enough material to play around the boys ,, and if she uses it perfectly , she is called the "Bitch" ,that was our appy !! soon turned out to be a manager in another 5 years , along being the independent IT consultant , owns a house of her own , whereas every  boy claims, he had affair with the lady!!
she used to change her boyfriend so often , that it puts a question , on to stop here and investigate , who was ditching whom, and to a surprise, this bitch gal  appy, was soon all alone ,
After enjoying all her life she was all left in the alcohol, smokes, and all alone ,
Was it a price she paid for her success...................!!!!!

There are no short cuts in life !!
Go and f**k people around you , and life will do the same to you !!

- Shelly ,
This is a true story,, if you really like it please comment ......


  1. this story is similar to priyanka chopra's character in Aiteraaz

  2. i like your style....simple and straight, no games

  3. ### Good one ###... I like the writing style(the way u used words r straight forward )