Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Thought I would be one more away from my usual scheduled life , I have taken this Friday a off,
As a perfect spinster woke up at 1 p.m , by call of one of common friend, as usual asking for the plan of the day …. All IT wela people   :) I was not in a mood to go out , as we hardly know each other , but his voice promises some good time together …..
Being carried away by the voice promise, got up , dressed and went to his place . Usually boys don’t expect a girl being so spontaneous  :) ..but who can stop a travel lover to roam around and explore new places,
It 's been more than 15 months of my stay in Bangalore but never explored ISKCON  temple yet ……
While making the list where we can roam together , I suggested the idea of going ISKCON temple , u know boys they will never show in front of a girl , that they are spiritual , and as a result he rejected , so we decide to go near by mall …….
We took a bus and started towards our destination , all of the sudden , he just freak out with ISKCON TEMPLE idea, wow, how impulsive idea it was !!! Without even a second thought , he asked the driver to stop as we have to go in the opposite direction to catch another bus ….. Oh my god , without even realising what we are up to  , we were already in the majestic bus …… I think that what we call as spontaneous action …….. (adventure ) ……

All the way to majestic , we were busy exchanging our thoughts , we dint stop talking , we talk about everything , every second car we saw on the road, about our mothers habits, about our office , every single thing that we have in common ,,
Oops we dint even realize how one and half hour past and we reached majestic ,I jumped seeing the samosa chat and my favourite tea  …..we had it there and  from there we have to catch another bus 80 , which will drop us at the ISKCON TEMPLE,

Around 5:30 p.m we reached the temple ,that priest provides us the mantra



We chanted this mantra some 101 times as it was kinda rule there before entering the temple , which was nice activity , as this was giving some good indications to happen …….

Mesmerised by the beauty of the temple and the cool wind blowing over there , I at time felt like being in heaven , all away from the metro city Bangalore .
We sat there for some more time , and to my surprise my friend started confessing that how wrong he was in judging me , actually this was our third meeting ….  Fast to make any judge - ment about any one , that too soon….

And maybe he started liking my company as a friend and vice versa ….

So this incident left me one good lesson , don’t be afraid to meet new people and exploring new places with new people  , may be there is some thing good kept for you there …. :)
May be a friend with whom we can share and exchange our day to day thoughts  in this fast running world .


  1. Improved & Mature writing :)

  2. priye pathako... aaj shelly miss ne hume apni shubh shukrawar ki dincharya padhne ko di hi... kripya ise kanthasth kar ke aaye... lolzzzzzzzzzzz

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  4. wow.. it was great to read through these wonderful lines.. Its nice to see your passion for writing... keep it up Shelly... all the best :)

  5. Very Well Versed, but few things unrealistic "Mesmerised by the beauty of the temple and the cool wind blowing over there , I at time felt like being in heaven..." Because, ISKON temple is just like another mall, in fact more than that, you will find more eatables than any other malls. and there are very few places in the temple where you will fell the real divinity... Sorry Shelly... :P And Of course this is my personal opinion though....

  6. @Mahesh ---- i really appreciate your opinion but please visit ISKCON in the evening time , that too in the rainy seasons , and yaa u r absolutely right about the eatables there :)

  7. Good Writing u should write more often.......

    And yes we always go out to meet new people and make new friends .....

  8. Alright... Let me try once in the rainy evening....:)

  9. Good one... Liked the last line "do not be afraid to meet new people and roam new places with those new people". When the wavelength matches, you start to feel that the new person you have met is no longer new to you....